Bachmann On30

On30 4-4-0 Special Offer

The items listed below are all now discontinued and we are clearing off the last of them, obviously at these prices they are subject to items left in stock and once gone they cannot be replaced.

Modern 4-4-0 American outside frame.
28325 Modern 4-4-0 PAINTED, UNLETTERED w/STEEL CAB AND FOOT BOARD (black w/ red windows, white trim) - 1930's - 1940's
4-4-0 American Steam Loco. Inside frame only
28306 Painted, unlettered with steel cab & electric visor headlight (black with graphite smoke and firebox with red cab windows and white pinstripes) - 1910-1920's
4-6-0 American Steam Loco.
28671 4-6-0 LOCOMOTIVE ET & WNC NUMBER 11 WITH STEEL CAB (black w/ red windows & white pinstripes)
The above items are on clearance and available on a first come first served basis. Once gone we cannot replace them at these prices

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