On30 1/48th Scale Figures.

These Woodland Scenics O gauge figures are suitable for American On30 and British O gauge in the case of the generic passengers etc. The drivers and engineers are obviously unsuitable for British outline. Click through from each entry for a picture and basic description.



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ref code Description
A2721 Train Mechanics. £19.50
A2722 Train Personnel. £19.50
A2723 Track Workers. £19.50
A2724 Holstein Cows. £20.25
A2725 Dogs & Cats. £19.50
A2726 Tombstones. £20.25
A2727 Checker Players. £19.50
A2728 Full Figured Folks. £19.50
A2729 Dock Workers. £20.25
A2730 General Public. £19.50
A2731 Passengers. £19.50
A2732 Bystanders. £19.50
A2733 Engineers. £19.50
A2734 Hobos. £19.50
A2736 Policemen. £19.50
A2737 Black Bears. £20.25
A2738 Deer. £19.50
A2739 Assorted Crates. £22.00
A2740 Newsstand. £19.50
A2742 City Workers. £20.25
A2743 Jug Band. £20.25
A2744 Workers with Forklift. £21.25
A2747 Rail Workers. £21.25
A2748 Welders and accessories. £20.25
A2749 Park Bums. £21.25
A2750 Farmers Market. £21.25
A2751 Gone Fishing. £21.25
A2752 Bicycle Buddies. £21.25
A2753 Masonry Workers. £21.25
A2754 Campers. £22.00
A2755 Canoers. £22.00
A2756 Family Fishing. £22.00
A2757 Depot Workers and accessories. £21.25
A2758 Park Benches. £19.50
A2759 People Sitting. £20.25
A2760 Shooting Hoops. £21.25
A2761 Road Crew. £20.25
A2762 Road Crew details. £21.25
A2763 Pedestrians £21.25
A2764 Street Accessories £21.25
A2765 Backyard Barbeque £21.25
A2766 Misc Freight £21.25
A2767 Hereford Cows £20.25
A2768 People & Pets - due for release later in the year £20.25