Gauge 1 Models.

Picture showing the assembly of the 45xx 4575 brass body with painted black chassis 4575 in factory painted GWR green 4575 factory painted black

GWR / BR 4575 2-6-2T (sloping tanks)

Our Price
BW1152 GWR / BR 4575 2-6-2T PAINTED GREEN.

Both the 4500 (flat top) and 4575 (sloping tank) Prairies are now available from stock. Available now are the factory painted green versions and the brass bodied model. The factory painted black versions of both the 4500 and 4575 are expected before Christmas.

Great Western shirtbutton livery, 4579 lightly weathered5526 BR lined green 4575


We can also supply the 4575 fully finished. The locomotive will be fully painted including cab interior, lettered and numbered to the customers requirements and can, if necessary be lined and weathered.

The total price for supplying the locomotive and finishing, complete with plates is as follows:

4575 2-6-2T Prairie GWR Green (any livery)
4575 2-6-2T Prairie BR plain Black (any livery)
4575 2-6-2T Prairie BR lined Black (any livery)
4575 2-6-2T Prairie BR plain green (any livery)
4575 2-6-2T Prairie BR lined green (any livery)
Weathering costs and additional 30.00 and can be light or medium.
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