Tower Models have been heavily involved with the production and sales of ready-to-run brass locomotives and coaches in 'O' gauge for more than 12 years. Four years ago the factory started producing a similar range of products in Gauge 1. We have offered a painting service for the 'O' gauge brass items for more than a decade so it was obvious that we would extend the service to the grwoing Gauge 1 ranges.

The locomotives in the Bachmann Brassworks, Tower Brass and San Cheng ranges are offered in a variety of finishes. The earlier models are available in plain brass. Later models come with a brass body on a factory painted black chassis. The very latest types have a black chassis with either a black or green and black factory painted body. In the case of the coaches they feature a factory painted chassis with a brass body.

Tower Models painting service can complete any of these items to virtually any livery. The locomotives, in the case of all brass or brass bodied, will be dismatnled, primed and given several coats of top coat. In the case of the factory painted locomotives we normally partially or often totally overpaint them. The locomotives are then lined, if required and numbered and lettered as required. The cab interiors are painted and cab windows, where possible glazed. name , number and makers plates along with shed plates and tender plates are fitted. Locomotives in clean finish are normally given a coat of satin varnish. weathering is an option, light or medium to choice. Weathered locomotives are always matt varnished. Lining is normally applied by hand with a pen and quality transfers used throughout.

Coaches are primed inside and out. the exterior is given several coats of topcoat, where required lining is applied by hand with a pen and transfers used for lettering and numbering. for the interior, after painting, seats and if necessary tables are fitted and then glazing fixed in place. Coaches are always finished in satin varnish. Coaches can be supplied in weathered finish. The best option is normally to have the sides fairly clean but with light or medium weathering applied to the ends and underframe. Passengers can also be supplied and fitted as an optional extra.

This section of the website contains a wide selction of availbale items from the three ranges and a number of various liveries that can be offered.

Tower Models will paint any item from these ranges as detailed. This service is available at the time of originaly purchase or the item can be returned to us later for painting. normal procedure for payment is to pay in full for the brass or factory painted item at the time of ordering. The painting normally takes two to three months to complete. The cost of the painting service is only normally paid upon completion. Items returned to us later are paid for upon completion. where items are returned later to us for painting, a return carriage charge, currently £8.50 for mainland UK, will be made.

A number of fully finished items are normally available off the shelf. The home page of the website often gives a list of current fully finished stock (locos and coaches) available off the shelf. To make life easier for costing purposes, the painting charges lists are broken down by manufacturer, locomotive or coach prototype and finally livery. Weathering costs an additional £25.00 for tank engines and coaches or £50.00 for tender engines.



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