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Express Diaries


The first batch of Private Owner wagons have proved incredibly popular and represent superb value for money. Following the success of these Dapol have announced a series of other vehicles for production over the next few years.

As featured in our latest catalogue and also updated on the website is a 6th livery of these "St Ivel" which should become available in 2016. A simple call or email can place an advance order for one of the St Ivel tanker for despatch as soon as it becomes available.

In all cases the wagons include sprung buffers, working couplings and metal wheels.




Bulk milk transportation started in 1931 with the introduction of the 4 wheel milk tankers. These wagons were built by SR for United Dairies but these vehicles rode very poorly and had speed restrictions. To overcome these defeciences the 6 wheel milk tanker was developed for United Dairies and Express Dairies. These wagons proved very successful and over 630 were built between 1932 and 1948 and were used nationwide. Eventually though most of the milk transportation was moved over to road tankers and by the 1980's these vehicles had become redundant. Several examples have thankfully been preserved.

The Dapol O gauge model of the 6 wheel milk tankers will feature:

Extremely well details and accurate body shell and chassis.
Etched handrails, supports and ladders.
3 link metal coupling chain and sprung coupling hook.
Metal sprung buffers.
Finely profiled metal wheels and axles with brass bearing pockets.

Dapol have now told us to expect restocks of the milk tankers in all liveries before the end of the year.


Milke Marketting Board


Our Price
7F-031-000 6 Wheel Milk Tanker - United Dairies **Back in Stock**
7F-031-001 6 Wheel Milk Tanker - Express Dairies **Back in Stock**
7F-031-002 6 Wheel Milk Tanker - CWS Red **Back in Stock**
7F-031-003 6 Wheel Milk Tanker - Milk Marketing Board
7F-031-004 6 Wheel Milk Tanker - Unigate Creameries **Back in Stock**
7F-031-005 6 Wheel Milk Tanker - St Ivel **NOW AVAILABLE**

Unigate Creameries

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