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Edition South Wales Coal Wagons

The Dapol ex Lionheart wagons as standard are done to the earlier 1892 specification but we have arranged with Dapol to change the underframes on most to cover the 1923 RCH specifications with brakes on both sides rather than brakes on a single side. With the change in regulations many of the wagon were converted to the later specification required when they ended up going in for maintenance. In the South Wales series the only one which will be braked on the one side will be the Celtic wagon as we doubt many of these were updated before the colliery closed in 1925. If you wanted to model them as earlier examples you could always remove the brake from the second side which would be much easier than trying to add the brakes if they were not present.

We have tried to go for coal trucks which had a relatively long operational life and also tried to pick wagons with attractive liveries where we can. Several of these operators had large fleets of wagons and if there is demand I would certainly consider doing up to up to six number options if there is sufficient demand. In the case of the South Wales set Ystradgynlais operated over 2750 wagons during it's heyday and several of the others had large numbers of coal trucks. This is all subject to customers stating an interest in the set.

These are now all available and the numbers are running low on this, the first series, of coal wagons

As always if required we will also be offering our custom weathering service at £25.00 per vehicle with the customer choice of the degree of weathering.


The specifications for the 7 plank wagon are:

  • Diecast Chassis
  • Compensation beam for smooth running
  • Injection moulded body and detail parts
  • Sprung metal buffers
  • Sprung couplings
  • Externally braced
  • Diecast open spoke wheels with blackened steel tyres.
  • Wheels suitable for fine standard track
  • Expertly applied livery
  • 7 plank body - side and end door version
  • 7 plank body with end door has separately applied operating bar


Our Price
South Wales 1
7 plank side and end door "Abercrave" # 331 (Red)
South Wales 2
7 plank side and end door "Celtic"# 500 (Black)
SouthWales 3
7 plank side and end door "Crynant" #330 (Lead Grey with single red plank) **LAST FEW**
South Wales 4
7 plank side and end door "Guest Keen & Nettlefolds" #700 (Purple Brown with single yellow plank ) **LAST FEW**
South Wales 5
7 plank side and end door "Leadbeter" #211 (Bright Red)
South Wales 6
7 plank side and end door "Primrose" #489 (Black)
South Wales 7
7 plank side and end door Ystradgynlais #625 (Black)

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