DCC Sound Fitting

We can now supply and fit DCC DCC Sound chips to Tower Brass, San Cheng Brass, Finescale Brass, Bachmann Brassworks and Ixion Hudswell Clarke locomotives.

We are using three types of chips.

In Ixion Hudswell Clarke locomotives we are fitting ESU Lok Sound LS micro v5.0 DCC sound chips complete with a 20mm speaker

In smaller tank locomotives from the brass ranges we supply and fit ESU Lok Sound v5.0 DCC sound chips complete with a 20mm speaker.

For larger tender locomotives and Heljan diesels we supply and fit the ESU Loksound XL v5.0 DCC sound chip with a suitable large speaker.

The costs for supplying and fitting the micro chip is £150.00 in the Hudswell Clarke, £175.00 to fit the ESU Loksound sound chip into any of the Tower Brass / Finescale Brass or Bachmann Brassworks tank engines and for the larger steam locomotives and Heljan diesels the cost is £310.00. This service can usually be completed in approximately two weeks.

We are only offering this service to 'O' gauge customers and will not fit chips into kit built locomotives

DCC Sound Fitting Heljan Diesels & Large Steam locos

Following the success of our service to fit DCC and sound to the Ixion Hudswell Clarke locomotives we are now extending this service to any of the Heljan range of diesels. and steam locomotives

We supply and fit the Loksound ESU XL v5.0 sound chip with appropriate sound for the locomotive.. Normally we also use a 40mm speaker though this is down to space restrictions inside the locos..

This service costs £310.00 per locomotive and is payable upon ordering. The fitting service should not normally take more than a couple of weeks. If this service is used in conjunction with our painting service then normally the fitting is carried out once the painting has been completed.

Just let us know at the time of ordering and we can sort everything out at this end when ordering any locomotives. We can offer this service on new locomotives as they are ready for despatch or retrospectively on locomotives already supplied, though in this case there is a postage delivery charge.

Click Here for more details on the Loksound ESU XL v5.0


DCC Sound Fitting Ixion Hudswell Clarke Locomotives and smaller tank engines

We are pleased to be able to offer Ixion Hudswell Clarke locomotives fitted with ESU LokSound chips and ESU LokSound 20mm speaker and also any smaller tank engines from the Tower Brass / San Cheng Brass / Finescale Brass and Bachmann Brassworks ranges.

In the case of the Ixion locos we are trying to keep a supply of all three liveries of the Hudswell Clarkes locomotives fitted with sound units in our own workshops available off the shelf. The additional cost of supplying and fitting the DCC sound system is £150.00. The sound system only works on DCC and is not suitable for analog.

We can offer this service on new locomotives as they are ready for despatch or retrospectively on locomotives already supplied, though in this case there is a postage delivery charge.

Click Here for more details on the Loksound Micro ESU v5.0


Click Here for more details on the Loksound ESU v5.0


DCC Controllers

Given we are now sound equipping more and more locomotives it seemed only right to begin offering the DCC controllers suitable for this.

The E-Z Command Digital Control Centre would be suitable for the smaller tank engines such as the Ixion Hudswell Clarke and the ESU Micro v5.0 sound chips. For the larger ESU XL v5.0 chips and therefore all Heljan locos you require the 5amp booster unit to use in conjunction with the base unit.


E-Z COMMAND Dynamis Ultima

Utilising advanced wireless infrared technology, Dynamis Ultima allows for more freedom whilst operating your model railway – you can move around the layout as you wish, controlling locomotives and functions with ease. With its selectable voltage, Dynamis Ultima can be used to control layouts of any scale from N through to G. Its compact nature means that it is suitable for use in areas with very limited space and due to it being an expandable system it can also be used to cover significantly larger layouts

New features include a booster connection, which allows you to add additional power in order to divide your layout into different sections and a USB link, enabling you to connect the system to a computer and run model railway software for even greater control of your layout.

Why choose Dynamis Ultima?

Combines the features of Dynamis with the ProBox with more added:

  • Wireless Infrared walk around handset
  • up to 4 handsets can be used for 4 users at once.
  • joystick based control.
  • add further infrared receivers for greater coverage.
  • Short / long decoder addresses (to 9999) with roster of 40 items on handset.
  • Rapid setting of address. -add a 16 character name to describe the loco (or a 5 or 6 digit actual loco number).
  • a symbol or configure the operation of the function keys for that particular loco to 'latch' or 'trigger'
  • 3 amps power output.
  • basestation connections for further power boosters to provide power in other power districts.
  • Adjustable track voltage - set lower for N scale, or higher for O or G scales.
  • USB computer interface, to use available third party software Universal and advanced consisting (according to the specification of the decoder).
  • control more than one loco together as a unit RailcomPlus® enabled basestation
  • Makes it possible for Railcom enabled decoders to report information to Railcom readers or back to the Dynamis handset
  • Control of 100 accessory addresses (points etc) using up to 25 accessory decoders
  • Program and configure decoders in both service mode on a programming track and ops mode on the main running tracks of the layout
  • Will work with reverse loop modules etc.
5 amp Booster

E-Z COMMAND 5amp Booster

The booster provides 5 amps of DCC power on the track. It takes its input from the DCC controller and puts out DCC power at high current. This booster can also be used with any NMRA/NEM conforming DCC system. The booster comes with its own transformer.

Our Price
E-Z Command Dynamis Ultima DCC System
E-Z Command 5 amp booster with transformer