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D.J.H. B.R. Clan 4-6-2

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K308 B.R. Clan 4-6-2 with tender
K308 BR 4-6-2 Clan
Introduced 1952. Designed at Derby. Classification 6P5F. Number Series 72000-72009.

The ten locos in the class were split between two sheds. 72000-72004 were allocated to Polmadie (Glasgow) Shed, while 72005-72009 were allocated to Carlisle Kingmoor Shed.

The first locomotives withdrawn were the Polmadie locos 72000-72004 en masse in December 1962. Of the Kingmoor locos, 72005 was withdrawn in April 1965, 72009 in August 1965, 72007 in December 1965, 72008 in April 1966 and the final loco, 72006 in May 1966.

Weight: Loco 86 tons 19 cwt Driving Wheel: 6' 2" Tend 49 tons 3 cwt BR1 4,200 gallons, 7 tons coal Boil Press: 225lb/sq in Su Cylinders: Valve Gear: Walschaerts (piston valves) Two 19" x 28" (outside) TE: 27,520 lb

  • Number Name
  • 72000 Clan Buchanan
  • 72001 Clan Cameron
  • 72002 Clan Campbell
  • 72003 Clan Fraser
  • 72004 Clan Macdonald
  • 72005 Clan Macgregor
  • 72006 Clan Mackenzie
  • 72007 Clan Mackingtosh
  • 72008 Clan Macleod
  • 72009 Clan Stewart
The kit features the much praised 'DJH' one-piece boiler/firebox in the finest quality tin alloy, footplate casting and etched 'fold-up' cab and pre-bent etched 'fold-up' tender. Brass and nickel lost wax cast parts for fine detail. 3 types of smoke deflector included. Kit includes sprung buffers, all wires, handrail knobs and fully illustrated assembly diagrams and step by step written instructions.

Requires: driving and bogie/tender wheels, motor and gearbox, paint, transfers and numberplates to complete.


Minimum radius
Degree of difficulty, Beginner(A), Average complexity(B), Only for the experienced(C).
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