"O" Gauge Kits

Sample image of a Tower finished DJH A3 Another shot of Dick TurpinFinal shot of Dick Turpin finished in our own workshops for a total charge of 1350.00

D.J.H. L.N.E.R. / B.R. A3 4-6-2 with G.N.R. tender.

Our Price
Wheel Set
K310b L.N.E.R. / B.R. A3 4-6-2 with G.N.R. tender


K310B LNER/BR Gresley A3 4-6-2 (GNR tender)

Covers the class as built with GNR tender in 1928 and includes alternate detail parts to cover most major design changes until withdrawal from service. Kit features a one-piece boiler/firebox/smokebox and one-piece footplate in high quality tin alloy. Etched brass, fully rivetted cab and tender assembly.

Requires: driving and bogie/tender wheels, motor and gearbox, paint, transfers and number plates to complete.


Minimum radius
Degree of difficulty, Beginner(A), Average complexity(B), Only for the experienced(C).
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