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D.J.H. L.N.E.R. / B.R. A2/2 4-6-2 and tender.

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Wheel Set
K314 L.N.E.R. / B.R. A2/2 4-6-2 and tender
K314 BR Thompson A2/2 4-6-2

A 'Thompson' rebuild of the 'Gresley' P2 2-8-2's. The first rebuild took place in 1943 and after tests a further five locomotives were built. Working in Scotland until 1949 when three loco's were transferred to York and three to New England, the class was withdrawn in the early 60's. Kit features: One-piece cast boiler/smokebox, footplate and etched brass fold-up cab and tender sides and a wealth of brass cast details and fittings.

Requires: driving and bogie/tender wheels, motor and gearbox, paint, transfers and numberplates to complete.


Minimum radius
Degree of difficulty, Beginner(A), Average complexity(B), Only for the experienced(C).
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