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D.J.H. LMS / BR Long Firebox Jubilee (5665-5742).

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Wheel Set
K318 LMS / BR Long Firebox Jubilee (5665-5742)
K323 LMS / BR Long Firebox Jubilee with Stanier 3500 gallon tender (5617-5664)
K318 LMS/BR Stanier "Jubilee" 5XP 4-6-0.Sloping Throat Plate (No.5665-5742)

This kit covers the locomotives from the number series 5665-5742. These were fitted with the rivetted 4000 gallon Stanier tender and the long firebox with sloping throat plate supported at the front end with a single cast steel saddle. The alternative parts supplied with this kit will enable construction of a locomotive at any time during its working life, providing that it had a rivetted tender. Two of these are preserved, 5690 Leander and 5699 Galatea.

Kit features: One-piece cast boiler/smokebox, footplate and etched brass fold-up cab and tender sides and a wealth of brass cast details and fittings, including sprung buffers and new design steam heat/brake hoses.

K323 is a new release and with the alternate 3500 gallon Stanier tender cover the early numbers in the this series of locomotives.

Requires: driving and bogie/tender wheels, motor and gearbox, paint, transfers and numberplates to complete.


Minimum radius
Degree of difficulty, Beginner(A), Average complexity(B), Only for the experienced(C).
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