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D.J.H. LMS / BR 2MT 64xx 2-6-0 and tender.

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K320 LMS / BR 2MT 64xx 2-6-0 and tender
K320 LMS/BR Class 2F (2P/2F;2MT) 2-6-0 Mixed Traffic

Designed by H.G Ivatt and introduced in December 1946 the Class 2 2-6-0 was designed for branch and secondary line mixed traffic services. The Mogul was nicknamed 'Micky Mouse' owing to it's small size and modest power output but eagar character. A total of 128 engines were built between 1946-53 and allocated to every Region except the Southern. Withdrawals started in 1961 with the last one taken out of service at the end of 1967. The kit covers the first 20 LMS built version (46400-419) and the majority of the BR built variant (46420-527). Kit features: Etched Tender, Cab, Valvegear, Chassis. Cast One-piece Boiler/Smoke Box. Brass cast detailed fittings, Sprung buffers.

Requires: driving and bogie/tender wheels, motor and gearbox, paint, transfers and number plates to complete


Minimum radius
Degree of difficulty, Beginner(A), Average complexity(B), Only for the experienced(C).
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