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D.J.H. L.N.E.R. / B.R. Peppercorn A2 4-6-2 and tender.

Example of an A2 once completed
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K336 L.N.E.R. / B.R. A2 Peppercorn 4-6-2 and tender


An exciting new simplified format from DJH, cast one-piece Cab/Firebox/Boiler/Smokebox/assembly and cast one-piece Tender Body. This kit will appeal to experienced and novice kit builders alike for it’s greatly enhanced ease of assembly. Gone are all the intricate etched components that required soldering skills and hand dexterity yet its finished accuracy captures the look of the prototype faithfully through a combination of advanced Toolmaking and casting techniques that DJH has pioneered in developing its ‘factory batch built models.

The LNER Peppercorn Class A2 4-6-2 locomotive were built to the design of A.H. Peppercorn (The last Mechanical Engineer of the LNER). A total of 15 were built in two batches between 1947 and 1948 at Doncaster Works).They were designed to haul heavy fast goods trains. The last Peppercorn A2 was withdrawn in 1966 and is now preserved.

The model is based on all the engines built in the class and will include the following details where
Single/Double Stovepipe/Double Lipped Chimney, Standard or Multi Valved Regulators, BTH/Smith
Stone speed indicators, AWS equipment and either the ‘A2’ or ‘A1’ style of front bogie.

Please note; this model will not cover the seven engines while they carried the diagram 117 type boiler, these are as follows;
60526 (3/58 - 9/59), 60527 (5/57 - 12/58), 60528 (4/60 - 7/62), 60534 (6/59 - 2/61), 60535 (12/57 - 4/59), 60536 (4/61 - 12/62) and 60537 (5/58 - 10/61).


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