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D.J.H. N.E.R. / L.N.E.R. / B.R. D20 4-4-0

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K349 N.E.R. / L.N.E.R. / B.R. D20 4-4-0

The NER ‘R’ Class / LNER D20 Class 4-4-0 kit will be following a similar design format to the ‘D’ & ‘A8’ , which followed a return by the DJH Tooling Team to the original and popular DJH format of 50/50 etched and cast components. This locomotive is expected for release autumn of this year and we are taking advance orders for this now for despatch as soon as they become available

The kit will cover both the original NER ‘R’ class and the later LNER/BR D20 with all major variants including optional buffer beams x 3, optional smokeboxes x 4, optional smokebox door x 2, optional safety valves x 3, optional domes x 2, optional chimneys x 2, optional mainframes x 2, optional tender coal rails , thus allowing all major class variants throughout its working life to be modelled.

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