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L.N.E.R. / B.R. Q6 0-8-0.

These are not always available from stock and are being produced subject to demand. Please call to double check availability.
Piercy Q6 0-8-0
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Wheel Set
PMP9 L.N.E.R. / B.R. Q6 0-8-0


The Q6s were an essential feature of the railway scene in the North East, dominating heavy freight and mineral traffic in the area for more than fifty years until their final withdrawal in 1966. Powerful, infinitely capable and supremely reliable, they were absolute masters of their job. With its low-slung cylinders, massive one-piece whitemetal boiler and a wealth of cab fittings, the Piercy kit does full justice to this Tyneside stalwart. Only wheels, motor/gearbox, paint and transfers are needed to complete this exceptional model.

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