Finescale Brass
O Gauge Models.

LMS / BR Duchess 4-6-2

Factory painted green de-streamlined Duchess (split frame) with a standard non streamlined tender.

Factory painted BR Maroon de-streamlined (split frame) Duchess with streamlined (city) tender.

Seven versions of the Duchess have been produced all of which are now sold out.

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De-streamlined sloping smokebox - factory painted Black


City of Manchester nicely photographed for us by the Railway Modeller and featured in the June 2013 issue of the magazine

Again City of Manchester but the earlier "Semi" before the smokebox was restored

Finescale Duchess , image courtesy of John Riley

Duchess of Norfolk looking rather splendid in late BR maroon livery and lightly weathered

City of Manchester in BR Maroon, clean finish>

Duchess of Devonshire in Br experimental dark blue recently completed for a customer.

BR blue City of Glasgow recently completed through our workshops


Finescale Brass Duchess.


All brass construction
Extra detailed fine scale
All axle sprung
Steel ball bearings, all axles
Opening filler cap
Sprung buffers
Opening smoke box door
Sprung couplings
Operating cab doors
Hand punched rivets
Correct wheel profiles with stainless steel tyres
Multi stage helical gearbox with phosphor-bronze gears