San Cheng Crafts
O Gauge Models.

Courtesy of Railway Modeller, a picture of Hagley Hall recently completed through our workshops

San Cheng factory painted green Hall.

Factory painted green Hall

Binnegar Hall recently completed in our workshops

Another shot of Binnegar Hall

Burton Agnes Hall in BR early crest lined green livery.Close up showing the hand lining on Binnegar HallDalton Hall in BR late crest clean finishBR early crest Pyle Hall, lightly weathered finishFarnborough Hall in Great Western Livery.Wollaton Hall in Late BR condition, lightly weathered.Kneller Hall in Great Western clean condition.

G.W.R. / B.R. 4-6-0 Hall.

Our Price
SB13 G.W.R. / B.R. 4-6-0 Hall factory painted green
SB14 B.R. 4-6-0 Hall factory painted black

We are pleased to announce that Sancheng have supplied us with a small quantity of these excellent G.W.R. / B.R. 4-6-0 Hall for us to sell at direct from the factory prices. The models are supplied fully assembled with exceptionally high standards of detail and are factory painted black with a red buffer beam. Our painting service is also available to finish these locomotives in either GWR or BR lined black finish at a cost of £175.00 clean or £200.00 weathered.

San Cheng Crafts Hall includes

Ready-To-Run; detail and performance features,
Features Include
• all brass construction
• extra detailed fine scale
• all axle sprung
• steel ball bearings, all axles
• opening filler cap
• removable cab roof
• sprung buffers
• open smokebox door
• sprung coupler
• operating cab doors
• hand punched rivets