"O" Gauge.

GWR / BR King 4-6-0

King Charles II looking rather resplendant in Br Experimental blue recently completed through the workshops for a customer

Tower Brass King Edward II finished in BR Blue that has recently completed through the workshops.  Image courtesy of Railway Modeller

Tower Brass King George V finished in BR Late Crest Green that has recently completed through the workshops.  Image courtesy of Railway Modeller

King Henry V

Late BR King George V, courtesy of Railway Modeller

Another shot of KGV in Great Western Livery rceently completed in our workshops.

Image of a fully finished King from our own workshops

Picture of the backhead of the First finished King

First image of a production King, this one has been finished as King Charles II in 1959 condition


Final test sample images of the new King

KGV.  Thanks to Steve Dunning for the image who finished the locomotive.

Five Tower Brass Kings looking rather spendid.  Thank to Model Rail for the image.

TBL6 GWR / BR King 4-6-0
RTR Fully Finished King including all plates, lettering and lining - clean finish
RTR Fully Finished King including all plates, lettering and lining - weathered finish

Designed by C.B. Collett the "King" made its debut in 1927. The King was the most powerful passenger locomotive built by the G.W.R. and probably the most famous. In 1927 King George V, engine number 6000 was sent to America for the Baltimore and Ohio centenary. It was fitted with a bell to comply with American regulations and later fitted with two cab side medallions as a momento of the visit.

The Kings gave good service for 35 years, finally being withdrawn in 1962. during their life span the Kings underwent many modifications. The only way it would be possible to produce an exact scale model of a King would be to portray a particular locomotive on a particualr day. This would seriously resrict sales of any model. We have therefore decided to supply the King 99% assembled leaving the customer a few small parts to fit himself allowing a choice of both the locomotive potrayed and the time period depicted.

We plan on supplying the following parts with each locomotive allowing the customer maximum choice. Three chimneys will be supplied, the original single chimney, the first style built up double chimney and the final cast iron round double chimney. Two patterns of steam pipes will be supplied, the original type plus the later replacements. A pair of lubricators will be supplied allowing for them to be fitted in either position or left off depending on the time period modelled. Two alternative box cover housing the lubricating pipes to the valves will be supplied again alloowing a choice of time periods. Finally the bell and medallions for King George V will be supplied.

We cannot cover every possibility of variations within this class and we have to draw the line somewhere. Our King model will not cover King Edward VII (which was unique in having smaller cab windows than the standard King.) or 6014 King Henry VII which had a wedge shaped cab. However, for anyone who wants a ready to run locomotive that captures all the flavour and spirit of the original this will be for you. Built entirely in brass the locomotive will be fitted with a powerful flywheel fitted motor, comes complete with sprung buffers and screwlink couplings and will be supplied in a stronge box for storage. The King will be supplied unpainted but we will offer our painting and lining service to supply the locomotive fully finished in a choice of names and liveries to suit individual customer requirements.


Voted third in the Model Rail readers competition for the Model of the Year award. It took two international companies to beat a small Blackpool company. We are justifiably proud of this acheievement and would like to thank everyone who voted for us. It was a very close thing between us and the second place winner.

For independant reviews of this model see British Railway Modelling February 2007, Model Rail February 2007 and Railway Modeller February 2007, all of which gave an in depth review and were full of praise for the King.

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