"O" Gauge Models.

Example of a Railcar finished in our own workshops.  Fully finished price 835.00
Example of a finished Railcar in GWR Chocolate and Cream
Painted example of a Parcels Railcar finished in our own workshops
Weathered example of a Razor Edge Railcar finished in our own workshops
Final test sample images of the Parcels Railcar
Images of the final test sample Razor Edge Parcels Railcar
Front end view of the Parcels Railcar
Razor Edge Parcels Railcar
Razor Edge Parcels Railcar

G.W.R. / B.R. Razor Edge Railcars.

TBL10 G.W.R. / B.R. Razor Edge Passenger Railcar. (Numbers 19-33)
TBL11 G.W.R. / B.R. Razor Edge Parcels Railcar.(Number 34)

We also offer a fuilly finishing service on the Razor Edge Railcar, a clean example of the passnger Railcar costing £835.00 or the Parcels Railcar for £810.00 and in any the GWR / BR liveries. There is then the option of weathering for an additonal £40.00 and even DCC sound fitting if required for £175.00

Car numbers 19-33 built 1938 and used extensively over the G.W.R. systm (Banbury, Bridgenorth, Leamington, Stratford, Newport, Pontypool, Monmouth, Weymouth, Yeovil, Devizes, Chippenham and Bristol amongst many other places. The Tower Brass model now under development should be available early 2006. It will feature a Canon 7 pole motor fitted with a flywheel and will be supplied ready-to-run in unpainted brass. It will feature internal panels and partitions and will require only seats, glazing, painting and lettering to complete. A small number will also be available fully finished in a choice of liveries carried out in our own paint workshops. The Razor Edge Railcars have now been available several years and stocks are now getting very low.

Built 1940 to cater for the growing parcels trade operating mainly out of Paddington this vehicle survived well into B.R. days. Basic specification for this item is similar to the Passenger Railcars, both models have only been produced as limited runs of 150 items.

Supplied fully assembled in unpainted brass. Complete with wheels, sprung buffers, coupling and fitted with our latest style flywheel fitted Canon motor.

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