Class 128 Graffiti

Work In Progress


25th June 2020



Love it or hate it, this piece is something different. For those people interested, here is a a series of images at three different stages of the production.



The first set of three shown above dont tell you much but are the masking up of the weathered example of the Heljan Cllass 128 and the spraying of the base outline of each individual piece. Interesting enough and for the sake of purity which also happens to be using spray paints that are used for graffiti!

This second set of four shows the start of the work on the base block colours on the one side and the gradual build up of the individual pieces and the amount of work that goes into each one.

The above two images show the opposite side of the Class 128 and also interesting show some of the original graffiti that was the inspiration for this piece. Admitedly it is taken from London undergound stock but shows it is taken from actual graffiti. London Transport alone has to spend more than 70,000 man hours per year cleaning up graffiti of rolling stock

The last two images show the final touches as signatures / dates and marks for the spray can tests on the lower section of the body are added.

I also feel I should put the following link on as we do not encourage anyone to actual break the law and risk their lives on the railways British Transport Police and Graffiti This is simply a modelling project.