Ready to Run BR Mk1 Coaches

The Mk1 passenger coach was designed and constructed in the early 1950s, and was designed to standardise rolling stock across the four major railway companies (GWR, SR, LMS and LNER) whilst keeping the characteristics of the dedicated regions. The coaches were fitted with overhead luggage racks and both electric and steam heating for additional passenger comfort. The MK1s were built in many different designs which incorporated different features such as toilets, kitchens, brake compartments and dedicated restaurant compartments.

These models are stunning replications of the real coaches and feature lots of added external and internal details like brake pipes, clear glazed windows, fitted seats, detailed under frame and corridor connections. They are also fitted with internal lighting which illuminates with track power. A great model and a must have for any British O Gauge modeller.

Dapol have also confirmed for us that the brake coaches will come with a screwlink coupling at the luggage end of the brake coaches with their own knuckle coupling at the other end. Each of the other coaches will be fitted with two knuckle couplers but also come with a single screwlink coupling in case you wish to couple it up to other manufacturers stock or to the loco.


  • Produced from original drawings.
  • Scale length and accurately modelled exterior. Correctly profiled roof and carriage sides.
  • Easy to remove roof for placement of passengers and access to internal workings.
  • Correctly detailed window ventilators and profiled windows as originally built. Stretcher windows modelled where applicable. Glazing firmly secured into the model.
  • Full and accurately modelled under-frame detailing and bogie wheelbase.
  • Body variations correct to build periods portrayed.
  • Diecast bogie frames.
  • Spring metal buffers.
  • Gap-free running with Lionheart's close coupling mechanism and corridor connector, capable of negotiating R2 curves.
  • Expertly applied livery and accurately portrayed decoration with separately fitted details.
  • Fully detailed and decorated interior.
  • Switchable internal lighting - separate corridor and compartment lighting, with optional DCC control.

Dapol have confirmed that the first of the Mk1's are at sea and should become available in late February2021 In transit are the numbered and un-numbered variants of the BSK (Brake Second Corridor) and SK (Corridor Second) in SR Green livery and these should hopefully be available around the 20th of February. Approximately 2 weeks later we should get the numbered and un-numbered versions of the BSK and SK in BR maroon livery. The DCC fitted examples will follow on a short time after the arrival of the basic models as the DCC fitting is being done here in the UK. At this stage we are not certain what will be released after these; it could be the the CK (Composite Corridor) and SO (Second Open) in the matching SR green and maroon or the factory may carry on with production of the first two coach types and complete the crimson and cream, chocolate and cream and blue grey liveries before changing over to the other coach types. With a total of 90 versions being produced it is a major project and is going to take some time to release them all. Many customers have ordered all four versions in a particular livery and by the looks of it we are now going to have to split the shipments to send the coaches as and when they are released. We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as and when they become available and will update the website as and when we get more information.

These beautiful coaches have started to appear but with it being such a mammoth task to produce a total of ninety versions the release is gradual as logistically it would be a nightmare to try and release all of them at once. Some versions have been released and have sold out already and some are sold out before they have even come into stock. I have updated the listings as best I can to indicate which versions are effected.

BR Mk 1 Coaches

Initially 4 different coaches are being produced with options for BR Maroon, Crimson and Cream, Southern Region Green, Western Region Chocolate and Cream and finally Blue Grey. There is then also the option of factory numbers and un-numbered and also DCC fitted. For ease with such a variety (90 versions) I have separated it out two ways; you can either browse the coach type or each livery separately.

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