Heljan 'O' Gauge Class 02

Design work is well advanced on Heljan’s latest ‘O’ gauge locomotive project, the BR Class 02 0-4-0DH built by Yorkshire Engine Co. for dock shunting and goods yard duties in northern England. The CAD has already been approved and tooling work is underway with the first test sample images shown here.

These tiny four-wheeled shunters were designed to reach the places other locomotives could not; with a wheelbase of just 6ft they were able to tackle sharply curved lines in streets, docks, warehouses and factories and even use traditional wagon turntables. They were a direct replacement for the legendary Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway ‘Pug’ 0-4-0STs working dock lines in Liverpool, Manchester and beyond. Around 50 similar locomotives were built for industrial railways, in many cases with electric rather than hydraulic transmission.

As the work they were built for vanished in the 1960s, many of the 20-strong class found further work in industry, with some surviving well into the 1980s before being rescued for preservation. Highly regarded by crews for their Rolls-Royce engine, all-round visibility and unique (for a BR locomotive) rear platform for shunting staff, they continue to play a useful role in shunting and engineering work at heritage railways. One locomotive, D2860, was even claimed by the National Railway Museum as the perfect shunter for its Great Hall in York.

The new HELJAN O gauge Class 02 will feature a high-performance chassis with all-wheel drive and pick-up, switchable cab lights, LED marker lights, a 21-pin DCC decoder interface and provision for DCC sound. External features will include authentic detail variations, a highly-detailed cab interior and underframe, separate handrails, door handles and pipework and etched Yorkshire Engine Co. worksplates.

Eight versions have been selected, covering a broad cross-section of BR green, industrial and preserved liveries from delivery in 1960 to the present day. Suggested Retail Price will be £389.00 for DCC Ready models.

As always will be offering our numbering service on these for an additional £25.00 or numbering and weathering for £55.00 with the customer's choice of the degree of weathering. We will wait and see if Heljan come up with a reasonable sound option themselves but otherwise we will be offering a sound fitting service ourselves.

We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available. Heljan have indicated a release date of before the end of 2023 but we suspect this project will actually not make it in time and is more likely to be released in the first quarter of 2024.


RTR O Gauge locomotives.
Heljan Class 02

Ready to run.

Features Include
• Highly detailed model in 1:43.5. (O Scale)
• Highly detailed cab interior with switchable cab light
• 21 pin decoder interface and provision for DCC sound
•Separate handrails and doorhandles and pipework
• Powerful 5 pole motor.
• Three Link coupling

Factfile: Class 02
Built: 1960-61
No. built: 20
Numbers: D2850-69, 02001/003/004
Withdrawn: 1969-75
Current Status: Seven preserved D2853/54/58/60/66-68

List Price
Our Price
HJ2870 BR Green un-numbered with wasp stripes
HJ2871 BR Green numbered D2860 with wasp stripes
HJ2872 BR Green numbered 02004 with wasp stripes but no BR logo, factory weathered
HJ2873 BR blue numbered 02005 with wasp stripes
HJ2874 Redland Khaki (ex D2867)
HJ2875 Industrial Yellow with wasp stripes
HJ2876 NCB Staffordshire area pale blue number ND3 (ex D2862)
HJ2877 Industrial Green "Sam" factory weathered (ex - D2868)


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