RTR O Gauge locomotives.

Heljan's award winning range of diesels keeps on growing.

This is an expensive venture for Heljan and they are very brave to lead the field. If the modellers want to see more ready-to-run plastic bodied locomotives it is up to them to make Heljan's efforts a success. New models will only be produced subject to the continuing sales of exsisting models.

For ease I have now simplified this section into a simple list of prototypes and into numeric order. The colours also represent availability; blue text indicates the item is available from stock, black indicates we are now sold out of this model and red text that it is a future project on which we are taking advance orders.

You can now click through to individual pages for each Class of locomotive.

GWR / BR Large Prairie 2-6-2T **LAST FEW**

GWR / BR 43xx / 53xx 2-6-0 Mogul**SOLD OUT**

GWR / BR AEC Railcar **UPDATED**

BR AC Cars Railbus. **SPECIAL OFFER**

BR Class 02 Diesel Shunter **RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT**

BR Class 03 Diesel Shunter **IN STOCK**

BR Class 05 Diesel Shunter

BR Class 17 Clayton **UPDATED**

BR Class 20. **SOLD OUT**

BR Class 25/1 **SOLD OUT**

BR Class 25/3. **SOLD OUT**

BR Class 26. **DUE SUMMER 2022**

BR Class 27. **DUE AUTUMN 2022**

BR Class 31. **NOW AVAILABLE**

BR Class 31/1. **NOW AVAILABLE**

BR Class 31/4. **NOW AVAILABLE**

BR Class 33. **NOW AVAILABLE**

BR Class 35. **LAST FEW**

BR Class 37/0 split headcode. **NEW ANNOUNCEMENT**

BR Class 37/4.**NOW AVAILABLE with some new liveries expected late spring2022**

BR Class 40 - Centre headcode.**NOW AVAILABLE**

BR Class 42 Warship.

BR Class 45 **LAST FEW**


BR Class 50 **UPDATED**

BR Class 52 Western **SOLD OUT**

BR Falcon. **SOLD OUT**

BR Class 55. **NEW PRODUCTION FOR 2023**

BR Class 56. **UPDATED, April 2022 release**

BR Class 60. **NOW AVAILABLE**


BR Class 117 Diesel Multiple Unit **UPDATED due around October 2022**

BR Class 128 Parcels Railcar **SOLD OUT**



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