Tower Models Limited Edition Class all green 26/0
RTR O Gauge locomotives.


Heljan Class 26/0 and 26/1

Ready to run, the new Class 26.
Features Include
• Highly detailed model in 1:43.5. (O Scale)
• Rotating roof fans.
• Highly detailed cab interior.
• Two powerful 5 pole motors.
• NEM pocket for couplings.
• Kinematics.
• Metal handrails.
• Screwlink coupling.
• Directional changing light.
• designed with sound installation in mind.
• Heavyweight model, weighing approximately 3.0 kg.

BR Blue Class 26/1 with yellow ends.

BR Green Class 26/1 with yellow warning panel

HELJAN CLASS 26/0 and 26/1.
List Price
Our Price
Clearance Price
HJ2670 Class 26/1 BR Green with small yellow warning panels. **SOLD OUT**
Too Late
Sold Out
Sold Out
HJ2671 Class 26/1 BR Blue with all yellow ends. **SOLD OUT**
Too Late
Sold Out
Sold Out
TM2672 Class 26/0 Tower Models Limited Edition all green. **SOLD OUT**
Too Late
Sold Out
Sold Out

Comparison shot showing the differneces in the ends with the  gangway doors.

We have now completely sold out of all liveries of the Class 26 and it is very unlikely they will ever be repeated.

Built by Birmingham Railway Carriage Works between 1958 and 1959. Forty seven locomotives were built built and numbered in the D5300 series. Confusingly, the Class 26's were originally refered to as Type 2's (along with Class 24's, 25's and 27's) They were reclassified as Class 26's in 1968 and re-numbered in the 26001 series in 1973.

All versions will be un-numbered allowing the customer to easily complete the locomotive with a number of his own choice. As always will will also offer our usual service of numbering the locomotives in our own workshop for an additional £25.00 or an additional £50.00 to number and weather.

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