Smart Switch System

The SmartSwitch servo control system is a recent addition to the Peco range of electronic products, providing an alternative means of automated operation for turnouts and semaphore signals.
Servos are miniature dc electric motors which are coupled to a gearbox and an integral electronic circuit, to provide very low gearing and up to 180 degree of very precise and powerful movement.

Advantages of SmartSwitch.

Traditionally, solenoid and slow-action type turnout motors have been popular with railway modellers - the electronic circuitry associated with the programming of servos tending to put modellers off. However, the Peco system is designed as essentially a "plug and play" installation with comprehensive instructions to make its use as straightforward as possible.

The main advantages of using a servo to operate a turnout or semaphore signal are that it allows precise control over the pitch of the throw, is less noisy than the "zap" of a solenoid and the speed of the throwing action can be adjusted to suit. The physical size of a servo assembly is also a lot smaller than some of the popular types of slow-action turnout motor, making it much more versatile and suitable for confined spaces.
Servos can also be used to operate crossing gates and other moving features on layouts, and are powerful enough for use with all scales and gauges up to G. There is also the advantage that
SmartSwitch servos are powerful enough to throw a Peco turnout without the need for modification.

Full details of the system can be found here Peco Smart Switch Flyer in an article adapted from a recent copy of Railway Modeller.


Also a video of the Smart Sytem Can be viewed here


Peco SmartSwitch

Our Price
PLS 100 Smart Switch
PLS 120 Smart Switch Board
PLS 125 Single Servo Motor
PLS 130 Smart Frog
PLS 135 Stationary Decoder
PLS 140 1 metre cable extension
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