Train of the Week

Train of the week is a new feature that were are starting in August and hope to feature every week subject to how manic it gets with new product launches. Of course it is subject to how succesful the concept is and on going sales from it but it is not just about that it is also about showing ideas and putting together locos, coaches and wagons from various manufacturers together into a realistic train. Most featured items are standard stock items and we can always recreate it again to customer's own specifications with either more or less items of rolling stock or even different liveries as required

As such even when completed and sold we will leave them on the list as inspiration for short, simple trains that you may want to tackle yourself or leave us to do for you subject to items still being available and a new "Train of the Week" should be added every Thursday and we intend changing the era and type of train to keep it fresh and different.

16th August 2018

Petroleum Sector Train

Another interesting and popular theme is petroleum traffic from all over the UK in both the steam and diesel periods

Loco loco featured here is on of the Heljan Petroeum Class 37 which we have completed as 37667 and weathered. Alternatively we could complete one of the standard Heljan Petroleum Sector Class 37's with your choice of number and degree of weathering.

Along with this are six of the Heljan Class B tankers in Esso livery.

Then we have weathered them and used artistic license to show a degree of the oil staining. In reality many of these tankers were so heavily stain with oil spills that you cannot even see the lettering but this is really effective at showing the overall character of the train without over doing it.

Of course there were many liveries and operators for fuel traffic over so we have also completed two alternate sets in keeping with the loco, above is the Regent version of the same Class B tanker from Heljan.

Here is the overall rake in Regent livery

Finally is the Mobil livery, which after weathering is my favourite and was only done as an after thought as I was so impressed with the CWS milk train from last week and how smart the red looks once weathered. Originally these had the Charringtons agency branding which we have removed representing an aging fleet.

The whole train is just over 5' in length overall with the set of six tankers with a choice of the three liveries shown.

We will be revisiting fuel tankers but in the steam era towards the end of the year with the release of our two Limited Edition sets of the Dapol Air Ministry Class B tankers in both Esso and Shell BP liveries. Details of theTower Air Ministry Class B tanker sets can be found through this link and we will be offering a weathering service on these along the lines of the above tankers including the oil staining for an additional £150.00 for the set of six.

Petroleum Train.
Heljan Petroleum Class 37 with 6 Heljan Class B tankers in either Esso, Regent or Mobil liveries all weathered

9th August 2018

Milk Train

This has also been an interesting train to research. Would of made me cringe to say "Milk for London" because really it could of been any major city.

We have put together a rake of the Dapol CWS 6 wheel milk tankers along with the option either a Dapol ex Lionheart 64xx or 74xx. CWS had private siding serving a dairy in Melksham (WR) and a loading facility in both Llangadock (WR) and Wallingford (WR). These served discharge point at Stewarts Lane and East Croydon, both on the SR so this could represent the shunting and creation of the train or a short train in transit. By the 60's CWS was under the United Dairies Label.

As to weathering, I always assumed the milk traffic fleet were kept relatively clean but looking at images they could almost be black with grime. We have gone relatively light weathering which has just highlighted the strapping detail which otherwise is lost and a very light sheen around the centre of the tanks for overspill. Obviously each are slightly different levels as they would not all be exactly the same degree of weathering. The individual cost for these if we were to do them is £95.00 each (£70.00 plus £25.00 for the weathering.) and we could add more to the rake if required. I would also consider adding a brake van to it but we are still waiting on the release of the new Dapol BR standard 20T brake van. This could always be added on afterwards but the train was too nice to delay until after the launch of this.

We have given the option of either a Dapol ex-Lionheart 64xx in BR Early Crest black which has been weathered to match or the BR black late crest 74xx that was introduced after 1957. The costs of the basic loco is £340.00 plus £25.00 for the weathering.

The overall length of this train as it stands is just under 4 foot and this could also be reproduced based around any of the standard liveries of the milk tankers produced by Dapol as either clean or weathered finish..

Milk Train.
Dapol ex Lionheart Pannier with six CWS milk tankers, all weathered

2nd August 2018

Dutch Engineering Train

We have really enjoyed putting this train together and has been a pleasure to do.

Loco loco featured here is on of the Heljan Dutch Class 37 which we have completed as 37245 and weathered.

Along with this are 3 Heljan Dutch Catfish, of which we have re-numbered two of so they all have different running numbers and then weathered.

Then there are two Heljan Dutch OAA's, again we have re-numbered one of these before weathering and added a clean pipe load to these which has been left loose in case you want to change it over for another load.

Finally we have taken one of the Dapol SR Pillbox brake vans and repainted it into Dutch livery along with renumbering it to a correct number along with artistic license for a couple of replacement planks before weathering.

The whole train is just over 5'4" in length overall. The only trouble is doing the train justice in a photo as an overall effect.

Engineering Train.
Heljan Dutch Class 37 with 3 Dutch Catfish with loads and 2 Dutch OAA's with loads all weathered