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NEWS 6th December 2018

Train of the Week

Train of the week is a new feature that started in August and we hope to feature every week subject to how manic it gets with new product launches. Of course it is subject to how succesful the concept is and on going sales from it but it is not just about that it is also about showing ideas and putting together locos, coaches and wagons from various manufacturers together into a realistic train. Most featured items are standard stock items and we can always recreate it again to customer's own specifications with either more or less items of rolling stock or even different liveries as required. Full details can be found by clicking on the title which is the link to the specific webpage for this feature.

As such even when completed and sold we will leave them on the webpage as inspiration for short, simple trains that you may want to tackle yourself or leave us to do for you subject to items still being available and a new "Train of the Week" should be added every Thursday and we intend changing the era and type of train to keep it fresh and different.

NEWS 5th December 2018

Peco Police Telephone Box

Peco have just announced a new addition to their O gauge range of trackside kits just in time for Christmas. Based on a design of call box introduced from the 1920s, in real life they contained a phone for use by the public in an emergency, and police officers could use them as miniature police stations, with facilities inside for compiling reports, taking lunch breaks and even temporarily holding suspects until assistance arrived! The fact that it also resembles a certain time-traveller's means of transportation is purely coincidental. We hope these kits will be in stock on Friday and we are taking orders for these now for despatch as soon as they come into stock.

NEWS 3rd December 2018

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Now it is December it seemed appropriate to mention Christmas and this time of year we get a lot of partners phoning to get smaller items suitable for stocking fillers. We currently have the full range of Parkside O gauge wagon kits and the full range of Peco trackside accessories both of which are very popular lines for smaller presents. There is also the brand new Dapol brake vans, salt and lime wagons which are excellent value for money and selling fast. A simple call on the usual number (01253 623797) and we can arrange immediate despatch on these. We also have good stocks of the Slaters range and there is still time to obtain items if they are not in stock.

Christmas Opening Hours

We have also been asked what our opening hours will be over the Christmas period so here they are:

  • Saturday 22nd December Open as normal 9.30 - 5pm
  • Sunday 23rd December CLOSED
  • Monday 24th December 9.30 - 1pm
  • Tuesday 25th December CLOSED
  • Wednesday 26th December CLOSED
  • Thursday 27th December Open as normal 9.30 - 5pm
  • Friday 28th December Open as normal 9.30 - 5pm
  • Saturday 29th December Open as normal 9.30 - 5pm
  • Sunday 30th December CLOSED
  • Monday 31st December 9.30 - 1pm
  • Tuesday 1st January CLOSED

Back to normal after that.

NEWS 2nd December 2018

Heljan Class 37/4

Following the success of the centre headcode Class 37/0 Heljan announced the production of a Class 37/4 which should hopefully be released in February 2019. The lists of liveries that are being produced has now been updated with the addition of an Intercity livery. We have now also had an image from Heljan of a test sample . We are taking advance orders for these now and I will update the website as and when we get more information in the coming months. As always we will be offering our naming, numbering and weathering service on these.

Whilst mentioning Class 37's it is worth mentioning we still have very limited stocks of the centre headcode Class 37/0 in later liveries but only a handful are left.

Heljan Class 50's

I have now updated the Heljan Class 50 page with the latest image of the test sample from Heljan, we also had a sample on the stand at Reading show yesterday. We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch when they are released but there has been no confirmed release dates as of yet but latest estimate is August 2019.

As always we will be offering our naming, numbering and weathering service on these.

Heljan Class 47's

The Class 47 has been synonymous with the UK railway scene since their introduction in 1962. The Heljan 'O' gauge class 47 was originally released back in 2006 and they feel it is now worth re-visiting and so development is now well underway on a completely re-tooled model. 

Heljan announced the production of the Class 47 in January 2018 and have now finalised the details on the all new tooling of the Class 47. There will be two versions; the 'as-built' Brush type 4 / Class 47 covering the 1960's and 1970's and later variant covering the 1980's and 1990's; both will feature 'full' rather than 'cut-away' bufferbeams, but will incorporate a number of detail differences reflecting some of the many changes/developments the class has been through during their long lives.

We now have a provisional list of the liveries that are being produced but this may well still change. Provisionally they have indicated a release towards the end of 2019 but I would be surprised if it runs into 2020.

We are now taking advance orders for these now although we are still awaiting confirmation of the price of the loco but it is expected to be in line with other recent releases.

Heljan Class 117 Diesel Multiple Units

Heljan have also updated the provisional liveries on the forthcoming Class 117 DMU and have now confirmed that they will be available as both 2 car and 3 car units. Prices are yet to be finalised and production will hopefully be towards the end of 2019. Taking these changes into account if customers have already placed an advance order for one of these and would like to adjust their advance order just call and we can make the necessary changes

Heljan Class 55 Deltics

We have now completely sold out of all liveries of the Class 55 Deltic.

NEWS 23rd November 2018

Heljan Class 17 Clayton

Heljan have announced an O gauge Class 17 Clayton for release late 2019. Provisionally four liveries have been announced but others may be added later. Hopefully we should have test samples images in the first quarter of 2019 and we will update the website as and when we get more information. We are taking advance orders for these now.


Dapol 9ft wheelbase Salt and Lime Vans

The first of the brand new Dapol Salt and Lime vans arrived today and all advance orders for the versions that have been released so far have been completed. These will be the first O gauge wagons entirely made at the factory in Chirk. There is a slight change to the liveries of the first batch with the introduction of the SLB livery which has not been previously announced. Three of the originally announced Lime and Salt wagons will now be in the second batch which should become available either December, or more likely in January. Once Dapol have got into the swing of production here in the UK on these we should see a good number of these announced and released in 2019. More details on these as and when we get them.

We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available.

Dapol 9 foot wheelbase RCH Open Wagons

As with the Salt and Lime wagons we should see the first examples of the brand new Dapol 9ft RCH wagons are now available. Again there have been a few new liveries announced that are being produced first. The originally announced private owner liveries will follow in either December or January. We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available.

NEWS 19th November 2018

Secondhand Locos

We have just had the following very desirable O gauge locos traded in, all as new and nothing more than test run:

  • Dapol Class 08 - BR Post TOPS blue with sound £275.00
  • Heljan Class 26 - BR Green with small yellow panel £475.00
  • Heljan Class 37 - Original split headcode BR Green with small yellow panel £500.00

First come first served on these locos as there is only one of each.

NEWS 14th November 2018

Dapol 2019 Autocoaches

Dapol have today announced the re-run of their extremely popular O gauge Autocoaches, which includes a couple of liveries they have not done before. All liveries of the autocoaches will be available as the basic model, DCC ready with a light bar or DCC fitted with a light bar. I have updated the webpage for these and we are taking advance orders for these now. The expected release date for these is the second quarter of 2019. We still have stocks of a few of the coaches that were released earlier this year available for immediate despatch. As always we are offering our weathering service if required at an additional £40.00 per coach.

Release schedule updates.

Heljan have today confirmed that the Class 43xx Mogul should become available in January and the Class 37/4 should become available in February 2019. Expected release date for the Class 50 is now August 2019.

Dapol have also now confirmed that they do not expect either the new later version Class 08 or Class 122 before Christmas.

NEWS 9th November 2018

Heljan 43xx Mogul

Slight change in plans from Heljan in regard to the forthcoming 43xx Mogul. Originally Heljan announced that the standard seven version would all be produced un-numbered. They have now changed their mind on this and as well as our Limited Edition numbered models all of the previously announced models that were going to be un-numbered will now actually all be factory numbered. This may alter people's advance orders where they intended putting on their own numbers therefore if people wish to change an advance order for on of these they are more than welcome to. Hopefully the loco should still be available before Christmas and we are still taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available. I have now updated the web page with the latest colour layout images of the new numbers and also the shedcodes for the BR versions.

Dapol 45xx 2-6-2 Prairie Tanks

Dapol have confirmed this project is running late and have now revised the projected release date for the Small Prairie to the second quarter of 2019. Dapol have been working on improvements to the original Lionheart model which have taken some time to complete. . Quantities being produced will be low so advance ordering is highly recommended to avoid any potential disappointment, especially in regard to the sound fitted option. These are diecast model rather than plastic at very keen prices.

NEWS 24th October 2018

Heljan 25/3

The Heljan Class 25/3's arrived yesterday and we have been busy arranging deliveries for all the customers with advance orders. We have now despatched, or arranged despatch for 99% of customers. We currently have stocks of all versions available off the shelf for immediate despatch. There is also the option of both numbering and weathering for those people who wish to take advantage of this service. A simple call can secure yours now.

Dapol Class 122 DMU update

Dapol have also this evening confirmed a change in running numbers and reference numbers on the forthcoming Class 122. As the primary concern for most people is the livery over the running number we have automatically transfered all advance orders over to the new refence codes. If people would like to change their advance orders as the number is more important then just let us know.

Models as advertised:
7D-015-002 Class 122 55000 BR Green (Speed whiskers)
7D-015-005 Class 122 55004 BR Green (SYP)

Model production will be:
7D-015-002 Class 122 55000 BR Green (SYP)
7D-015-005 Class 122 55004 BR Green (Speed whiskers)

Hopefully this should become available around the end of the year with the sound equipped versions probably available in the New Year.

NEWS 16th October 2018

Dapol 'O' gauge BR Standard 20ton Brake Vans

It has been an interesting few days with the launch of the Dapol brake vans. Luckily we noted everyone's choice of both livery and era required for customer advance orders rather than just the reference numbers to ensure everyone got the model required. Labour intensive but worthwhile to avoid any issues. The website now shows the correct stock numbers and liveries compared to what was originally announced and we also have the first images from the workshop of the weathered examples that have just been completed.

Initially being produced is the main series of brake vans encompassing Diagrams 1/504 (vacuum through piped) and 1/506 (Unfitted) manufactured between 1951 and 1957 totalling some 2,300 vehicles. We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as and when they become available . Demand for these has been very high and we expect them to sell out quickly once they are released.

A good suggestion to accompany these is the set of 5 Springside BR tail lamps or BR Guards lamps at £9.50 per set which we could add to the order if required and as always we are also offering our weathering service for these for those people who wish to take advantage of this at an additional £25.00. With the current workload the weathering service is expected to take between 10-14 days after launch.

Dapol BR 10ft wheelbase wagons

The new issue of the Dapol 10ft wheelbase vans and opens also appeared the week before last. The workshop have now also completed the first weathered examples of these.. Details of the full range available in this batch can be found on the relevant webpage and all versions are currently available.

Heljan Class 52 Westerns

A total of six named and numbered models are now available. We can also rename them and offer our own weathering service if people require it. Demand has been higher than expected and already Heljan are out of three versions and the others will not last long. I have now updated the webpage for these with the ones we are running low on and once gone we cannot replace.

Dapol HAA update

We have now received the eagerly awaited HAA's Hoppers. We have already been contacting customers to arrange suitable days for delivery based on despatches and are now just waiting on those people who have not got back to us at this point to arrange a suitable day for delivery. Since the original announcement Dapol introduced addtional numbers of both the red and brown cradled liveries. (Total of three in each colour) so on older orders from when there was just a single number option on these two colours we will mix up the number variants as best possible to give a good mix for rakes.

Demand has been high for these iconic block running vehicles. We currently have stocks of all eight liveries after allocation to advance orders and are still taking orders on these whilst stocks last, I do not expect stock to last more than a week or two at the rate they have been going.

New Dapol Terrier Liveries.

The new batch of Dapol Terriers are now in stock. There are a total of 5 new liveries covering both A1X and A1 versions with the option on all of analog, DCC fitted or DCC and sound fitted. We are taking advance orders for these now for immediate despatch as soon as they do become available. As always the DCC fitted and DCC sound equipped models are available usually two to three weeks after the analog version is delivered. We still have stocks available of all five liveries available for immediate despatch for anyone who did not take advantage of our advance ordering system.

Heljan 61xx Large Prairie

There are a total of twelve versions of this both numbered and un-numbered now in stock. We currently have stocks of all twelve types but the numbers on the most popular ones are getting low.

NEWS 4th September 2018

Heljan Class 56

Heljan announced the long awaited Class 56 at Telford show for production in 2020 and initially eight liveries are proposed. We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available. The price for this has yet to be settled but we will update the website as soon as we get more details. This is quite a beast of a loco and will feature some new specification which they have not catered for before including provision for a smoke unit, designed with DCC and sound fitting in mind and see-through grilles. Again we will be offering out numbers and weathering service on this loco.

Heljan Class 33

Also at Telford Heljan announced the reintroduction of the the Class 33 but with much improved tooling and with two body types to cover the earlier and later body types and liveries. We are taking advance orders for these now and as always we are offering our numbering and weathering service for these as and when they become available for those people who wish to take advantage of this. One change from Telford on these is that the realistic release date is mid 2019 and not the early 2019 stated on the flyer.

Heljan Class 03 shunters

At the weekend Heljan confirmed a few details on the Class 03 that is due in the first half of 2019 and also have finally announced a price for these. They have now confirmed there will be 4 options for each of the three basic liveries; conical chimney both numbered and un-numbered and then flower pot chimney both numbered and un-numbered. Heljan have now also confrimed two further liveries for the Class 03 in industrial service. We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as and when they do become available and will update the website as and when we get more information.

Heljan GWR / BR AEC Railcar

At the same time Heljan have also announced the production of the GWR / BR Razor Edge Railcar for production in 2020. There are currently six proposed liveries for production but this is still to be confirmed as is the price. As and when we get more details we will update the website and we are taking advance orders for these now. Alternatively we produce the same model in the Tower Brass range which is available in plain brass with a black chassis or fully finished for those people who do not want to wait.

NEWS 3rd September 2018

Dapol BR Bogie Bolster E

I have now updated the website with the details of the forthcoming O gauge Bogie Bolster 'E'. One slight change from the flyer seen at Telford show is the release date is now predicted to be second quarter of 2019. We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available. We will also be offering our weathering service on these for those people who wish to take advantage of this service.

Dapol BR Turbot

I have now updated the website with the details of the forthcoming O gauge Turbot Bogie Ballast Wagon. One slight change from the flyer seen at Telford show is the release date is now predicted to be second quarter of 2019. We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available. We will also be offering our weathering service on these for those people who wish to take advantage of this service..

NEWS 24th August 2018

Dapol London Transport 57xx

Today we have received the final version of the London Transport Pannier with sound so now all versions are now available. Stocks of the standard Dapol 57xx and 8750's are begining to run low with the Great Western version of the 57xx already sold out. I have updated today the website with the remaining stocks.

It is also worth reminding people of the slight increase in the price of the London Transport liveried 57xx's both with and without sound. This is because of an increase in the license fees from Transport for London for use of the imagery and livery. Dapol have absorbed as much of the fee as possible but had to pass on a £7.50 increase to the RRP onto the customers. When the prices and margins are already so low increases like these have to be passed on. (Basic model RRP from £235.00 to £242.50, Our Price from £199.75 to £206.25; DCC & Sound RRP from £420.50 to £428.20, Our Price from £357.50 to £364.00)

NEWS 21st August 2018

New Bachmann Scenecraft 'O' gauge Items

Bachmann have announced another O gauge building for release early 2019 for a Depot mess room and toilets. I have now added this to the other six new Bachmann Scenecraft items that have been announced for release. Bachmann have now updated the release date for all seven buildings to "Early 2019" and they should all appear at the same time if everything goes to plan. We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available. As and when we get a better idea of the launch date I will update the website.

NEWS 30th July 2018

Weathered Dapol Class 08's

The workshop have just completed some of the standard Dapol Class 08's with medium weathering for sale off the shelf. The weathering really has worked well and brought them alive. The cost of these is just £216.25 each Post Free to mainland UK addresses. We can also complete a sound equipped version if required, the cost for one of these weathered would be £370.00 for the sound equipped version.

NEWS 6th July 2018

Tower Models Limited Edition Class B Tankers

Both Shell BP and Esso have always been the most popular of the liveries of the Class B ex-Air Ministry tankers. As such we thought people might appreciate the chance to buy sets of 6 of these all with different running numbers that have not been done before by Dapol. We have therefore commissioned a set of six each which should hopefully be available around Christmas 2018. Production of these though is subject to the advance orders received.

Tower Models Limited Edition Dapol Vans

On the same basis we have also commissioned a set each of both the standard 10ft wheelbase planked vans and plywood vans in the early 1950's livery. These should be available around Easter 2019. Again this is subject to receiving sufficient advance orders but with these if there is enough interest there is even the chance that we may extend this to two different sets of six of both types.

We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available, a simple call or email can secure your order.

NEWS 28th June 2018

New Dapol Later Class 08

Dapol have today confirmed the new version of the Class 08 to cover the later variants and liveries. We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available. The predicted release date for these is hopefully before Christmas.

Dapol 'O' gauge Y1 / Y3 Sentinel

Again it was nice to see the first test sample of the forthcoming Y1 / Y3 Sentinel which is planned for release early 2019. We are now taking advance orders for these for immediate despatch as soon as they become available. Advance ordering is highly recommended as this is bound to be popular.

Gauge 1 Mk1 coaches

We have finally had the opportunity to complete thirteen Gauge 1 coaches for stock in time for the summer. Eleven are in BR maroon with Midland prefixes and two in Carmine and Cream with Western prefix. Details of these can be found on the RTR available off the shelf section within the Gauge 1 part of the website. The cost of these is £660.00 each or £635.00 each when buying four or more in one transaction. If there are specific liveries you are after we can also complete these Gauge 1 coaches with the customer's choice of livery and either clean or weathered which normally takes 3 monthes to complete.

NEWS 5th June 2018

Lots of images today from Dapol after Doncaster show along with some updates on release schedules along with the official announcement in regard to the launch of the Class 121.

Dapol Class 121 DMU

Following on from the Class 122 Dapol have also announced a Class 121 which should come into stock Spring 2019. We are taking advance orders for this now for despatch as soon as they become available

Dapol O gauge Mk1 coaches

Dapol announced the release of BR Mk1 coaches the end of last year and we have now had the first test sample images of these. Initially there will be four versions (SK,SO,CK & BSK) in a choice of 5 liveries both numbered and un-number and finally there is also the option of DCC fitted as well. This makes a total of 90 different coaches and I have now listed all of these by either type or by livery to make it easier to browse. Release date is hopefully late 2018. We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available.

NEWS 15th February 2018

New Dapol Suburbans

The re-run of the Dapol O gauge Suburban coaches are now available. Alternatively we also have a good selection of 2 and 4 car units in all liveries available from the 2017 issue of the suburban coaches. All advance orders for these should be completed later on today.

NEWS 8th February 2018

Heljan Falcons

Late last year we have introduced a very special offer on the Heljan O gauge Falcons and is only whilst stock last and once they have all gone, it cannot be repeated. . We have now sold out of the standard green and BR blue and are down to a handful of the Lime Green and Brown. First come first served on this deal as stocks are very limited.

List Price
Special Price
HJ5350 BR Lime Green & Brown #D0280
HJ5351 BR Two Tone Green with yellow warning panels #D0280
HJ5352 BR Blue with yellow ends #1200

NEWS 5th December 2017

New Bachmann Scenecraft 'O' gauge Trackside Items

We have now received restocks of the recently released Bachmann Scenecraft O gauge trackside accessories. The platform tractor has been an extremely popular set and only just reappeared after the initial production launch.

Dapol GWR/BR 48xx/58xx/14xx

At Telford show Dapol announced the launch of the 48xx / 58xx / 14xx 0-4-2 for production early 2019. There are several options of each type with the changes through the life of the loco and the options of autofitted. Overall, including both the DCC fitted and DCC sound options along with the option of un-numbered for those customers who wish to complete the loco as their own specific loco there are fifty versions being produced!

We will also be offering our completing service for these locos for those people who wish to have their own number applied by our workshops and also the option of weathering if required. Numbering with the customers own number costs an additonal £35.00, weathering an additional £25.00.

We are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available. The DCC and sound fitting is being done here in the UK so will become available a few weeks after the standard models.

New Dapol (ex-Lionheart) Coke Wagons for 2018 announced

Dapol have also announced a re-run of the ex-Lionheart Coke wagons for early next year. They have initially announced 7 planks, 7 planks with coke rails and 8 planks in various liveries. Again we are taking advance orders for these now for despatch as soon as they become available.

Heljan Class 37

Stocks are getting very low across all remaining liveries. We have already completely sold out of the green with small yellow panels, Raifreight Grey, BR blue with full yellow ends.

As always we are also offering our numbering and weathering service through the workshops should customer's wish to take advantage of this service. Numbering a loco is just £25.00, numbering and weathering an additional £65.00. This usually take 7-10 days to complete. We can also do named examples if required at an additional £25.00 subject to the number of plates required and this can take up to 6 weeks as the name plates are made specially to order. In regard to the Large Logo Blue Class 37's it is not quite so easy as these often also feature the various depot logos and also the unusual large numbering. In the case of these there is an additional £5.00 for the depot logos and £10.00 charge for the large loco numbering. This large loco number also features on the Railfreight Red Stripe livery.

There is also the option of sound fitting as well through the workshops at an additional £310.00 using the ESU v4.0 XL chip.

NEWS 11th May 2017

Heljan 'O' gauge Class 45

We have now had delivery of all of the Heljan Class 45's and have completed all advance orders for these. For those customers who have asked us to number,name or weather the Class 45's, these are currently being processed through the workshops but please be patient as we have completed the first of these this week (un-weathered only so far) with the rest should work their way through the workshops in the next two weeks. We currently have stocks available for immediate despatch for those people who did not take advantage of our advance ordering system but be warned, stocks are running low already and Heljan have now confirmed they have completely sold out of the Class 45's. I have updated the details with the current stock situation and we have now sold out fo the first version, the Class 45 blue and factory weathered which have now all gone..

NEWS 8th May 2017

Gauge 1 45xx Prairie Tanks

We bought all of Bachmann's remaining stock of 45xx and 4575 Prairie Tanks in Gauge 1 several years ago. We can now confirm that we have now sold out of the 4575's and are down to the last one 4575 and we are down to the last six 45xx flat top Prairies. These can be supplied "as is" in plain green, no number or insignia or, alternatively they can be supplied fully finished in either any GWR or BR livery for an additional charge. We have two fully finished Gauge 1 45xx's available off the shelf; 4512 in BR late crest un-lined green and clean finish at £1035.00 and 4555 in BR lined green early crest clean finish at £1090.00. Once these have sold there will be no more as the factory that made them has closed.

Lionheart 'O' gauge GWR / BR Suburban coaches update

Two weeks ago Dapol released the Great Western liveries of their new suburban coaches along with the first two liveries of the BR liveried coaches (LHT603 & LHT623) which have been well received and represent superb value for money. We have now bought all remaining stocks of the Great Western coaches and Dapol have no stocks. We have now sold out of the first of the Great Western sets (LHT601 Kingsbridge) and have a limited quantity of the others available. I have updated the webpage with the numbers as we count down to a sell out!

We have now received all of the BR liveries as well and sold out completely of the single coaches and also LHT605 already!

NEWS 30th March 2017

Heljan 'O' gauge Class 25/1

We have just done a stock take and we are now running very low on all remaining liveries of the Class 25 and thought it better to give people fair warning of the stock situation before we run out. There is also the option of our numbering and weathering service available for these for those people who want to take advantage of it at just £25.00 for numbering the loco and £40.00 for weathering if required with your choice of light, light body with medium chassis and roof, medium or heavy weathering.

Gauge 1 locos

Most people think of Tower Models only as the UK's largest stockist of 'O' gauge. Apart from this we are also a major supplier of Gauge 1 locomotives, coaches and track. Shown here is a Tower Brass Terrier in Gauge 1 recently completed for a customer. This locomotive was hand lettered and lined in our workshops. We currently can offer a range of locomotives and coaches both off the shelf or completed to order.

NEWS 19th January 2017

Heljan 'O' gauge Engine shed

We have now received the brand new Heljan modern depot.. It has been designed to be modular and very adaptable to a number of situations and locations. Add-on packs are also available to extend the main kit either adding extra roads or additonal depth. Photo shows the first sample which has been painted; kit will be moulded in single colour plastic. Please note that the side bay 'bars' will also be duplicated on the lower panels on production examples.

If you have not already advance ordered one of these we are still taking orders for this for immediate despatch once they have arrived and full details can be found on the relevant pages of the website.

Heljan 'O' gauge AC Railbus Special Offer

We have now bought the last remaining stocks of the AC railbus in both Light Green with speed whiskers and dark green with small yellow panels from Heljan and are happy to announce a special offer on these two versions that will run until we have sold out. The RRP on these two liveries is £495.00 with our normal price £395.00 each. The Special offer is just £299.95 whilst stocks last is on a first come first served basis.

There are very few of the Dark Green with Speed Whiskers available and the offer does not apply to this livery as there are so few of these available and it has always been the most popular livery.

We can offer our weathering service for an extra £25.00. We can also sound fit the railcars for an additional £175.00.

NEWS 20th October 2016

Bachmann On30 Clearance Sale

We have stocked On30 since it was first intorduced in the late 1990's. Bachmann have produced an excellent range of products and we have had a good run with them. However, nothing lasts for ever and we have decided to stop stocking this range and clear all remaining stock at prices between 33% and 50% below the recommended retail price. We have altered the On30 section of our website to give an accurate list of just which items we have in stock, along with the clearance prices. This list will be updated daily until everything is sold. If the item you are looking for is not on the list, then we do not have it in stock and cannot obtain it. There will be no further deductions or bulk deals. Items are being sold at cost or below cost price so there is no room for further discounts. Orders over £150.00 sent post free to UK mainland addresses. The title to this paragraph is a link through to the remaining clearance stock.

NEWS 3rd September 2015

DJH 'OO' loco kit clearance

We are down to our last few DJH 'OO' locomotive kits so have decided to clear them off at bargain prices. We have only a couple of each in stock and both types are now discontinued by DJH.

K77 BR Standard Class 4 with BR 1b tender No's 75065-75079 (Southern Region)

These kits come complete with Romford wheels and were priced at £174.50. To clear £117.50. Motor and gears available separately.

NEWS 4th November 2014

Bachmann Scenecraft 'O' gauge Building Offer.

We have bought all of Bachmann's remaining stock of the above buildings range and can offer the following items on a limited offer whilst stocks last.

Bachmann Scenecraft 'O' gauge Engine ShedBachmann Scenecraft 'O' gauge Provender Store

Single Road Engine Shed - (Footprint of the building is 257mm x 155mm x 189mm)

NEWS 7th August 2012

Heljan 'O' gauge gears, A statement.

There appears to be a rumour going around model railway websites that there is a widespread problem with gears splitting on Heljan 'O' gauge diesels. As the largest stockist of Heljan 'O' gauge and with consistantly high sales since the range was first introduced we feel it essential to present the facts to the public rather than destructive "Chinese Whispers"

On the very rare occasions we have seen split gears it is only with Class 35 Hymeks and Class 47 diesels. In all cases the locomotives had considerable amounts of running and it must be stressed that replacement gears are available from Heljan's service agent; Howes of Oxford. Unlike certain other model railway manufacturers, Heljan have always tried to provide spares.

Tower Models are not the service agent, so we do not carry a full range of spares. However when there is a known problem such as broken vacuum pipes on the Class 33's we obtain spares from Heljan and provide them to our customers. ( Note this is our customers; anyone buying elsewhere should contact their supplier. )

Overall we have had very few problems with any of the Heljan 'O' gauge range. If there were on going problems then Heljan would not of won "Model of the Year" competition so many times, or have so many repeat customers. It is a pity that such vindictive rumours can be spread and accepted by so many as true. Anyone with a split gear should contact Howes of Oxford. Anyone who has not got a split gear should stop worrying about something that probably will never happen. As we have said, it is an incredibly rare event given the total numbers sold.

NEWS 8th September 2010

Tower Models Telford 2010 stand

Gauge 'O' Guild Telford Show.

Given the current economic climate Telford show went very well, the stand look very well and was commented upon by several people and we were proud of our display, so much so we thought we would put an image up of the stand. For anyone who is into 'O' gauge and has never attended the show it is the premiere 'O' gauge event of the year and cannot be rivalled for both variety and quality. If there is only one show you can attend in the year, this should be it and if considering coming from overseas this is the show you should aim to attend. The show was extremely well organised had a good atmosphere.


We offer a wide range of kits and ready-to-run items from a number of sources. our aim is to offer a quality product at an affordable price. This seems to satisfy 99% of our customers. However, there appears to be a growing number of people in the model railway fraternity who expect perfection for a pitance of a price. Let me make it clear that the perfect model does not exist. It is utterly unreasonable to expect full working inside motion on any of the models we sell or any other complex working details that can barely be seen, especially at the price and no, the cab gauges don't really work! All our items are for standard 'O' gauge finescale. They are made from plastic, resin, white metal, pewter and brass. They are powered by electric motors. Real locomotives are made from iron, steel, brass and copper. they are powered by steam, diesel or electricity. If anyone wants to duplicate all the features of a real locomotive may I suggest he buys a real one. They are much bigger than ours and cost many times more than the ones we sell. At the end of the day model railways are big boys toys and meant to be fun, let's not forget it.


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